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Challenges and benefits of sustainability in construction

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In this rapidly changing world, there are so many industries that are doing what they can to shift their business into a more eco-friendly company. The construction sector is no different because it can make big contributions to a more sustainable future

But there are a handful of challenges and benefits in aligning the construction industry to a more sustainable culture and environment. Let’s get into it.

What are the challenges?
The change to a sustainable construction business isn’t immediate. It takes time and proper preparation. Training will also need to be implemented for companies to start utilizing and practicing sustainable methods.

One of the main obstacles companies experience is cost. Sustainable construction and materials come at a premium price. It is higher in comparison to the demand, despite the evidence. 

What are the benefits?

Sustainable idea
Because there is a massive increase in the impact of the construction industry on the environment. There are more and more firms that are beginning to adopt sustainable methods. However, that doesn’t mean there is a sea of construction companies that have made that change. Due to this, your company will stand out and you can boast about your green credentials. This will also boost your business’s reputation.

Healthier living
Projects that support green buildings are not only beneficial for the environment, but they also offer a lot of psychological benefits to the people living in those structures. There have been studies conducted that show the improvement of cognitive functions and overall mental health for people living or working in an eco-friendly building.

Waste reduction
Another benefit of sustainable construction is the reduction of waste. Green buildings already use fewer resources. And it relies on renewable or recycled elements as its raw materials. Sustainable materials are also great for the overall health of people, as some current materials can be dangerous for a human’s health. An example of this would be paint or even industrial cleaning products.

Economy Boosts
Sustainable construction can also help provide more jobs and boost the economy. Climate change is occurring globally, and it is devastating to our world. Some efforts are being done to fight its consequences and effects. This has led to an increased demand for construction workers and jobs.

Promotes Sustainability
This also promotes and supports sustainability and the utilization of efficient energy usage. With the rise of renewable energy, and sustainable construction methods, there are more, and more people that are now seeing the importance and impact of sustainable methods. It sends a clear message to this sector and to every other industry elsewhere that sustainable construction is not only viable but beneficial to its business.

Social Responsibility
Interest and awareness of the idea that corporations or businesses, in general, should support good causes, is higher now more than ever before. There is a consensus that the results have been positive and that it can influence the behavior of the buyer. This is particularly the case when the competing prices are similar. There is a higher probability of a client switching to a different company if it is reputed to be associated and supportive of good causes.

Naturally, the adoption of sustainable methods and materials for the construction industry will take time, and as of now, it will cost the business more. However, there are also direct savings for your organization, such as the reduction of waste, and fees by a waste management company, as well as the money you can save from fuel costs by utilizing efficient vehicles or machinery. It can also boost your business’s reputation and overall image through the demonstration of your organization’s social responsibility.
There are more reasons for construction companies to make that change. The pros outweigh the cons. And although I admit change can be a difficult thing to experience, we must transform our businesses and move forward to a better and brighter future. 

Shivendra helps construction companies and contractors win more projects and grow profitably. Regarded as a master of practical implementation, Shivendra has guided organizations such as Downer and Siemens as well as smaller contractors to achieve double-digit improvements to their bottom line. Underpinning his extensive industry experience are qualifications in engineering and a Ph.D. focused on rapid cost improvement techniques. He is the author of two books, The Competitive Contractor and From Paper to Profit, host of the Competitive Contractor podcast, and the founder of Shivendra & Co and The Constructors Network. You can find more about Shivendra & Co on