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Who We Are


Empowering Mid-Sized Businesses to Achieve Breakthrough Growth

Your business possesses the potential for remarkable transformation!

Our experts have worked with leading organisations across the globe for over fifteen years and over the past few years, have helped numerous businesses achieve double-digit growth. We work with mid-tier infrastructure engineering and construction companies navigate growth, transformation and change. Our approach, anchored to the transformative power of problem solving and collaboration, deliver best business outcomes for your business.

It has been our goal to bring expertise usually accessed by only the largest, multinational firms to the doorsteps of mid-tier construction companies.

We believe the transformation the industry anticipates will only be realised when businesses that deliver the work are empowered and supported.

Our expertise can support your organisation reach its potential.

Ready to reimagine your future? Contact us today and let’s shape it together!

Our Approach

The Extradimensional Approach

We go beyond traditional consulting. Through active listening and a deep understanding of your unique challenges, we co-create a roadmap for success. We immerse ourselves in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities our clients face, tuning in with precision to devise strategic solutions that resonate on multiple levels. Moreover, we keenly attune ourselves to market and industry dynamics, ensuring our strategies resonate with emerging market trends. Armed with insights and expertise, we co-create a future with our clients, catalysing meaningful and sustainable change. Through this transformative journey, we empower organisations to not just adapt but thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

The Extradimensional Approach means we work with you:

As Your

Breakthrough Partner

As your Breakthrough Partner, Shivendra & Co. goes beyond traditional consulting paradigms to forge pathways through the most daunting business challenges. Our ethos is centered on achieving real breakthroughs — incremental yet impactful steps that collectively lead to substantial, lasting change. Through patient collaboration and deep understanding, we break down barriers alongside our clients, unlocking their organization’s full potential.


Integrated Partnership

At Shivendra & Co., we don’t just offer consultancy from the sidelines; we become integral members of your team. By immersing ourselves fully, we grasp the intricacies of your operations, sharing your goals and challenges. This deep integration allows us to align strategies closely with your objectives, ensuring shared ownership and a commitment to success. With us, you’re not hiring consultants, but gaining dedicated partners invested in your thriving future.

By Building An

Ecosystem Approach

At Shivendra & Co., we are committed to cultivating a network of transformed businesses that drive collective industry change. In the infrastructure industry and across the sectors we serve, we recognize the importance of building not just for today, but for the future. Fueled by our dedication to nation building, we work to contribute to the transformative power of businesses to shape the industry’s futures and the society at large.



At Shivendra & Co., we cultivate a team of dedicated professionals who excel in the art of active listening and attentive partnership. Comprised of seasoned experts spanning diverse backgrounds, our team leverages a wealth of collective experience to navigate transformation journeys. 

We don’t just adapt to change; we embrace it as an opportunity for innovation and growth. 

What sets us apart is our dedication to excellence driving us to continuously push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and pioneer new approaches that propel our clients toward sustainable success.

At Shivendra & Co, we don’t just hear your future—we shape it, working with you!


Clients & Partners

Shivendra Client and Partners Business Connect
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Dr. Shivendra Kumar

Shivendra Kumar is a seasoned Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience specializing in the Infrastructure, Construction, Utilities, and Renewables sectors across Australia, New Zealand, and the APAC region. As the Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Shivendra & Co, he leads a dynamic team dedicated to helping construction companies and contractors execute strategies and solve complex problems to achieve growth and profitability.

Shivendra’s expertise lies in strategic planning, business analytics, program management, and change management. He has a proven track record of driving solid, measurable productivity improvements, process innovation, and bottom-line savings with organizations such as Siemens and Downer. Through practical implementation of best-practice methods, Shivendra guides leaders and project teams to optimize operations, improve processes, and execute strategic initiatives effectively. As a trusted advisor and mentor, his clients value their partnership with Shivendra & Co, knowing that their operations and business processes are optimized for success through his solutions. With a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Griffith University and a Master of Science (MSc) in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering from the University of the South Pacific, Shivendra combines academic rigor with practical experience to deliver impactful results for his clients.

Zhami Mustafina

Zhami Mustafina is a dynamic and results-oriented Strategy and Operations consultant with over 6 years of progressive experience in guiding organizations through digital transformation and optimizing business performance improvement across diverse industries. A proven track record in data-driven decision making, stakeholder management, and leveraging technology to drive business growth. Adept at navigating fast-moving and ambiguous environments, with a keen ability to translate complex data into actionable business insights. Demonstrated success in building trusted relationships with senior leadership to drive strategic initiatives and business transformations. Recognized for strong leadership abilities, team management skills, and a commitment to driving positive change through strategic planning and execution. Backed by a Master of Commerce in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from UNSW Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and International Relations.

Darragh Cox

Darragh Cox brings an array of experience in technology consulting and business analysis, specialising in optimizing organizational efficiency and performance. As a Consultant at Shivendra & Co, Darragh provides strategic advice to businesses on technology-related matters, leading teams with tailored solutions that drive meaningful transformation. With a background in analyzing business challenges and implementing customized solutions, Darragh excels in selecting and implementing software solutions that align with client objectives and budget constraints. His proficiency in managing complex projects and fostering collaborative partnerships ensures seamless integration and exceptional results for clients. Darragh holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from University College Cork, where he graduated with First Class Honours. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to harness the power of technology for future success.

Krichelle Ching

Krichelle Ching, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in business consultancy and development management consulting, brings a wealth of expertise in organizational strategy, operational improvement, and process enhancements to her role at Shivendra & Co. She leverages her expertise in organizational assessments, project management, quality management, and business excellence to drive organizational transformation and sustainable growth for SMEs. With a keen focus on sustainability, her strategic approach to business growth not only aims at maximising profitability short-term but also emphasizes creating long-term value to customers while contributing positively to social and environmental impact.

Aidana Zhumasheva

Aidana Zhumasheva is an accomplished and results-driven professional with a strong track record of driving impactful projects and delivering tangible results. Highly skilled in project management, strategic planning, and fostering innovation within cross-functional teams. Experience spans across diverse sectors, with expertise in digital transformation, business strategy, and financial analysis. Proven ability to lead teams, optimize processes, and drive organizational growth. Backed by a Master of Commerce with a major in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor’s in Economics and Business with a major in Finance from Kazakh-British Technical University.

Braven Dimaculangan

Braven Dimaculangan, an accomplished Executive Virtual Assistant and Digital Marketing Manager, integrates her Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering with a focused expertise in process mapping, visualization and design. With precision and strategic acumen, she adeptly creates streamlined operational processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Beyond process optimization, Braven demonstrates proficiency in developing digital content, online courses, user-friendly websites, podcast content, business presentations, corporate collaterals, and orchestrating organic social media growth strategies. As an Executive VA, her meticulous approach extends to providing seamless administrative support underscoring her ability to consistently deliver exceptional results. With a proven track record of success, Braven is a trusted partner in driving sustainable growth and success for our clients.