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Listen to our podcasts featuring top executives from the infrastructure industry as they share their insights on pressing issues and trends, providing valuable knowledge to drive your business forward.

Episode 50

Shivendra Kumar - From Pandemic Panic to Transformative Times

In this special edition, we’re celebrating not just a number, but the journey of resilience, learning, and community building that started back in

Episode 49

Kris Caplice - Gazing Upward from the Gutter

In this insightful episode, we explore the rapidly evolving construction industry, delving into the critical role of technology as a fundamental business tool. 

Episode 48

Peter Colacino - The Policy Puzzle: Are some pieces still missing?

 Peter Colacino, Principal at Modifica Advisory, discusses the transformative power of supply chains as prominent contractors shift towards efficient project delivery strategies. Discover

Episode 47

Caroline Wilkie - Creating Pathways to a connected Australia

Caroline Wilkie, CEO of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) shares insights shaping the industry’s sustainable future. Discover how rail outshines road travel, aligning

Episode 46

Robert Sobyra - All Risk No Reward: Fixing the building industry’s profitless boom

Robert Sobyra, Head of Policy at the Australia Constructors Association (ACA), dives into pivotal construction challenges. Amid ongoing projects, the industry grapples with

Episode 45

Treaven Martinus - Is local capability the answer to igniting a brighter future?

In this captivating episode, Treaven Martinus, the visionary CEO and founder of Martinus, is a prominent player in the infrastructure industry. Together, we