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Quality VS Quantity – Which is better?

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Quantity vs quality is one of the topics that has been debated upon by every business in every industry. But if we look at it closely, it is all a matter of preference. This preference is driven by our economy of numbers and sales.

With that said, some organizations put more emphasis on quantity, thinking that it will lead them to a better financial position and success. Most likely because there is instant gratification when there is a sudden increase in customers, and followers.

This doesn’t mean that every construction company does this and that they can’t deliver great projects. Because for them, their success lies in providing and offering the best quality service that they can give. 
Focusing on quality should be a foundational value for any organization no matter what industry you are in. Of course, you would want to optimize your business to increase your revenue and reputation.
Here are some reasons why you should focus on quality over quantity.

Clients prefer a brand that is known to be more quality centered. If they are happy and satisfied with the service you have provided it will usually lead to an increase in your brand awareness through word of mouth. This will then lead you to an increase in sales and revenue.
But the opposite may also happen. If the quality of the service, you offered is relatively low then that client will most likely not recommend your brand to someone else. This will then decrease your revenue.

Loyalty and Client satisfaction
There is no better achievement than a satisfied customer. They are your best spokesperson and marketer. Companies can enjoy a massive base of customers when they focus and emphasize quality.
Businesses that are not well known in their respective markets can increase their customer base by providing quality service and or products. This will take some time but if businesses focus on their relationship with their customers, and provide excellent services, and or products, they are on the right lane to attracting and keeping more clients. This will ultimately lead to an increase in satisfaction and loyalty.

Flawless products or services
Great service is more often worth 10000 mediocre to low alternatives. An example of this is luxury boutiques. They have fewer items on their shelves in comparison to big stores or malls however, the quality of their products is top-notch and they have a lot more loyal clients., higher sales points, and are usually a more reasonable venture.

Premium Employees
Mediocre and superstar employees may both leave your organization and losing a premium employee would hurt your business. You should know who your premium employees are and retain them. One way you can do this is by providing programs and benefits that will show your workers that you place importance on their security and personal growth. This will help assure you that they don’t just jump ship before you expect them to.

Summing it up
Focusing on quality over quantity will lead to a more consistent increase in your sales points. It will also provide you with a better reputation which your business can use to help develop a great strategy. 
When a business focuses their efforts on emphasizing quality over quantity they can achieve customer satisfaction more easily and consistently. Satisfied customers are one of the best marketing ambassadors for your business. And keeping them happy will lead to more projects and revenue increases. 
You don’t need to have a wide range of products or a long list of services offered. You can focus on your company’s core competencies and do a great job and get great results. 
Lastly, summing it up, employees can make or break your business. Keeping premium workers will ensure that your business focuses on quality. 

So, to answer that age-old debatable topic. Should your business put all its efforts into quality or quantity? The answer from my perspective is to focus on the quality of your products and or services. Because it is highly beneficial for any business in any industry. More so, in the construction industry. It is after all the foundation and supportive backbone that provides the infrastructure that houses other industries of trade and commerce. 

Shivendra helps construction companies and contractors win more projects and grow profitably. Regarded as a master of practical implementation, Shivendra has guided organizations such as Downer and Siemens as well as smaller contractors to achieve double-digit improvements to their bottom line. Underpinning his extensive industry experience are qualifications in engineering and a Ph.D. focused on rapid cost improvement techniques. He is the author of two books, The Competitive Contractor and From Paper to Profit, host of the Competitive Contractor podcast, and the founder of Shivendra & Co and The Constructors Network. You can find more about Shivendra & Co on