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Case Study


Increased Visibility Fuels Growth: A CRM Success Story

Our client, thriving but aiming for growth, craved better sales pipeline visibility. Shivendra and Co. worked together with the client to implement a CRM solution. We thoroughly mapped their sales process from opportunity to completion, pinpointing critical gates for decision-making and supporting activities. Collaboratively, we identified key metrics for tracking progress. A custom data capture system was designed to gather opportunity details, fueling future reports. We then partnered with a client-selected CRM vendor for implementation and facilitated the development of Power BI reports. These reports provided clear and actionable insights tailored to the specific needs of stakeholders. Within just three months, our client achieved a significant increase in sales pipeline visibility. They can track opportunities effectively, make data-driven decisions, and scale confidently.
Phase Input Output
The client desired improved sales pipeline visibility to support growth.
Clear objective established: enhance sales pipeline visibility.
Option Generation with Measures of Success
Collaboratively identified options and key metrics. Designed a workflow to better understand pros and cons of each option solution. Identified bottlenecks and prioritised them.
Defined options, key metrics, or measures of success. Specifications and requirements list for potential technology integration.
Option Realization (Selection of Option)
Mapped the client’s sales process from opportunity to completion, pinpointing critical gates for decision-making and supporting activities. Selected a CRM vendor.
Detailed sales process map created. Chose a CRM solution suited to the client’s needs.
Execution Roadmap and Contingency Plan
Partnered with the selected CRM vendor for implementation. Developed an execution roadmap and contingency plan for smooth deployment.
Executed CRM implementation according to the roadmap. Prepared for potential challenges with contingencies.
Evaluation and Monitoring
Facilitated the development of Power BI reports tailored to stakeholder needs. Set up monitoring processes to track the effectiveness of the new system.
Achieved significant increase in sales pipeline visibility within three months. Enabled effective tracking and data-driven decisions.

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